12. "VICTORY" MARCHES | The May 13 Tragedy

On 11th and 12th May, 1969. the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Parti Gerakan Malaysia held noisy, racially provocative and intimidating "victory" processions in Kuala Lumpur, followed by numerous splinter processions.

 The DAP held several processions on Sunday, 11th May, 1969 all of which were without police permits. On that day at five o'clock in the afternoon a procession comprising five cars and about fifteen motorcycles was seen along Jalan Brickfields heading for Jalan Lornie. In the procession was Goh Hock Guan, the successful candidate for Bangsar Parliamentary constituency and Pantai State constituency. When passing by the Brickfields Police Station, the mainly Chinese participants shouted abusive remarks such as “Apa polis boleh buat—kita raja" (What can the police do—we are king!) and "Buang semua Polis Melayu" (Sack all Malay policemen!).

At about 8.30 p.m. another DAP procession along Jalan Bukit Bintang abused Malay policemen on duty by making obscene gestures and shouting obscenities at them. At 10 o'clock the same night, another DAP procession heading for Kuala Lumpur shouted "Mati Melayu, sakai pergi masok hutan!" (Death to the Malays, aborigines go back to the jungle) at Malay


policemen as they passed the Travers Road Police Station. At about midnight a mixed DAP and Gerakan procession of motor-cycles and scooters passed by Brickfields Police Station and again shouted insults and obscenities.

Unlike their DAP counterparts. Gerakan supporters did not organise any procession until late in the evening of 11th May. 1969. This, again, was without police permit. At about 10 o'clock that night, about forty Gerakan supporters were seen in cars and riding on scooters along Jalan Changkat Dollah near the Pudu prison. Amidst jubilant shouts, they were heard shouting "Kuala Lumpur sekarang China punya". (Kuala Lumpur now belongs to the Chinese).

The licensed Gerakan procession on 12th May, 1969, led by Dr Tan Chee Khoon, the successful Gerakan candidate for Batu Parliamentary constituency, and Kepong State constituency passed Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Gombak. Jalan Raja Laut and back to Jalan Ipoh. Insults such as "Melayu balek kampong" (Malays go back to your kampong). "Melayu sekarang ta'ada kuasa lagi" (Malays have lost power), "sekarang kita kontrol" (We are now in control) were hurled at every Malay in sight. The procession consisted of about 500 scooters. When this procession reached the Malay area of Kampong Bharu, such insults as "Melayu keluar—apa lagi dudok


sini" (Malays get out why do you remain here) and "Kita hentam lu; sekarang kita besar" (We'll thrash you, we are now powerful) were hurled at the Malays.

Malay policemen were singled out for insults, just as they were during the long election campaign.

On 12th May, 1969, at about 7.30 p.m. P.C. 11819 Noordin while on his normal beat at Jalan Pudu was approached by 5 Chinese youths who tried to surround and assault him. As the youths approached the P.C. heard the group yelling "Semua Melayu kasi habis" (Finish off all Malays) The youths ran away when the P.C. drew his revolver.

On 12th May. I960, at 4.00 p.m. Cpl. 9439 Kassim was on duty at the Enquiry Office in Pudu Police Station. At that lime a Gerakan procession passed by the Station twice, and the participants shouted "Kasi halau semua polis" (Chase away all the police).

On the same day at about 8.30 p.m. P.C. 2248 Sulaiman was on duty at the Police Beat Kiosk on Jalan Bukil Bintang. At that time a combined procession by DAP and Gerakan members and supporters passed by the Beat Kiosk. The P.C. heard shouts coming from the procession. "Apa ini Melayu kita negeri dia sudah perentah. Ini negeri bukan Melayu punya" (Why should the Malays rule our country) (This is not a Malay country). "Mata-mata lanchau" (An obscenity directed at policemen).


A short while later while P.C. 27596 was on duty at Jalan Pasar Baru, Pudu. he saw the combined DAP/Gerakan procession pass by. While passing through the participants shouted "Habis Melavu" (End of the Malays) several times.

Inspector Mansor bin Latt Ibrahim of Jalan Campbell Police Station stated that on 12th May, 1969, at about 7.00 p.m. he was on duty to cover the Gerakan procession. At Jalan Ipoh he heard some of the participants shout. "Butoh Melayu" (An obscenity directed at the Malays). "Pergi mati-lah" (Better go and die).

On the night of 12th May, 1969, Sgt. Major Alias bin Hj. Mohd. Yusof was informed by P.C. 2248 Sulaiman who returned from duty at Bukit Bintang area that the latter heard the people who took part in the Gerakan procession that passed along Jalan Bukit Bintang shout. "Ini negeri bukan Melayu punya. kita mahu halau semua Melayu" (This country does not belong to the Malays, we want to chase out all Malays).

Assistant Superintendent of Police. Noordin bin Alauddin, of the Selangor Police Headquarters stated that in the early hours of May 13, 1969, about sixty supporters of the Gerakan passed along Jalan Hale and taunted residents of Kampong Bharu to get out from the kampong and "Return to the jungle". The groups also passed Jalan Raja Muda and the Menteri Besar's house.


Annuar bin Abbas, a watchman at the Majlis Amanah Ra'ayat (MARA) College* in Petaling Jaya claimed that at 9.30 p.m. on 12th May, 1969,* a"fairly long procession" of Gerakan supporters passed slowly in front of the College, banging noisily on tin cans, shouting and blocking traffic. He heard a few members of the procession shout, "MARA butoh. MARA tundun" (obscenities directed towards MARA) and, "Kapal layar bochor" (The Sailing Boat leaks). The procession, headed by motor-cyclists, took about half-an-hour to pass the College. In the middle of the procession, he saw V. David standing in an open car, a garland around his neck.

Mansor bin Abdul Rahman, a student at MARA College, saw the procession as it passed the College, and confirmed the evidence of Annuar. He further added that the slogans he heard were "MARA lima tahun lagi akan jahanam" (MARA will be destroyed in five years). "Sekarang kita perentah apa boleh buat" (Now we rule, what can you do about it!) "Melayu boleh balek kampong!" (Malays can go back to their kampong!).

Another MARA student. Osman Mahmud. who was in the compound of the College, saw a Gerakan procession pass by and heard shouts of "Melayu sudah jatoh, MARA boleh keluar" (The Malays have fallen

* MARA College is part of the Government project to educate poor Malays.


MARA will be dissolved!). Abdul Wahid bin Haji Ebon who was also in the compound at that time heard the participants shout. "Melayu balek. pergi mati!" (Malays go home, go and die!). Another MARA student, Abdul Hadi bin Haji Sharif who was also in the compound heard the crowd shout. "Melayu balek kampong. MARA mahu kasi habis!" (Malays go back to the kampong, MARA will be finished off!).

N. Sandrasekaran. a clerk, stated that at about 7.00 p.m. on 12th May, 1969, he was driving his car from Sentul towards town when he was caught in a traffic jam at the Jalan Ipoh/Maxwell roundabout. It was caused by 400-500 Chinese and Indian youths on both sides of the road. When these youths noticed that the driver of the Holden car immediately ahead of Sandrasekaran was a Malay, they became very boisterous and waved their red banners at him. The banners were attached to poles sharpened at one end. At the same time they shouted to the Malay phrases such as "Orang Melayu balek kampong" and "Kapal sudah bochor".

Sandrasekaran slowly followed the Holden car and he heard some of the youths saying, "Ini bukan Melayu" (This is not a Malay), referring to Sandrasekaran. meaning that he was therefore not to be jeered at and insulted.


Several other processions of this nature took place in different parts of Kuala Lumpur. Groups of non-Malay hooligans went in front of the Menteri Besar's residence in Kampong Bharu and shouted threats that he would be physically ejected from the house.


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